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Inventory & Analysis Report

The Inventory & Analysis Report documents and analyzes information about existing conditions in the Village in a number of areas: population, housing, transportation, land use, infrastructure, natural and cultural resources, economic development, and recreation and open space. It presents a snapshot of the Village and analyzes implications for the future. This information, along with community input, serves as the basis for the development of alternatives and design concepts in the Community Plan.

Vision Statement

A vision statement is the formal expression of the community's view of itself at a given point in the future; it depicts in words what the community is striving to become. The purpose of the Vision Statement is to set a direction for development of the Community Plan and a framework for developing recommendations for action. In other words, looking into the future twenty years, “what do we want the Village of Williamsville to be?” By clearly establishing a vision of Williamsville in the future, we set the stage for defining “how we get there” through a new community plan.

Williamsville’s Vision Statement is based upon the information and input from a community survey, public meetings, and focus groups, as well as the Inventory & Analysis Report. It was reviewed and accepted by the Community Plan Committee and will be used to guide formation of the new plan.