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Project Status


Phase 2 - Alternatives Development

Using the results of the Inventory and Analysis of existing conditions and the Vision Statement, the Team will work with the Plan Committee to form planning alternatives for consideration. These alternatives may include physical designs, policies, guidelines or actions in a sufficient amount of detail to analyze the pros and cons of each approach, including potential impacts and mitigative measures. A maximum of three alternatives will be presented and revised in a Plan Alternatives Report in close consultation with the Community Plan Committee and the Technical staff.

Working with the Community Plan Committee and village staff, and based on public input, a preferred alternative will be identified (or modified, based on the presented alternatives) to establish a direction for the Plan. Each streetscape and traffic circulation concept alternative will be evaluated based on its ability to advance the goals and strategies of the economic study, as well as the community vision and goals for Main Street as voiced by Williamsville stakeholders and citizens.

Once the preferred alternatives have been selected, they will be developed to a sufficient level of detail to guide and direct final specific design and policies for implementation strategies to be adopted in the plan.