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Project Status

On April 12, 2010, the Village Board of Trustees adopted the Community Plan and Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement. This was done after a tedious review of the plan. Some modifications were made to the original Draft, which were reviewed and recommended by the Community Plan Committee. One modification incorporated an additional land use type called Neighborhood Mixed Use (NMU). This allows for a mix of residential and commercial development in areas that currently have higher density residential, or border on commercial areas (such as Evans Rd., Union Rd., and Garrison at Wehrle). Another modification was the incorporation of the Final Use Report for the Williamsville Water Mill, identifying the Village Square concept as the preferred use for the complex. This report was developed by Preservation Studios, with significant input from the community. The Village is now in the process of undertaking a Zoning Project. The Village Board has created the Williamsville Zoning Committee and has appointed members to assist with the process. Bergmann Associates has been hired as the consultant for the project, and is working with the Village Attorney, Charles Grieco of Jaeckle, Fleischmann & Mugel, LLP.

Please click here to view the Final Community Plan.

Project Overview

The Village of Williamsville has undertaken the creation of a Community Plan. The Plan establishes a firm vision to guide future development in the areas of economic development, urban design, housing, transportation, recreation and open space, and historic preservation.

The initial research and community input necessary to develop an inventory and analysis of existing conditions and a Vision Statement was completed. During the process, the Village received two New York State Quality Community grants that provided the resources to complete two complementary planning studies: the Business District Development Plan and the Main Street Revitalization Plan. The Village elected to combine these projects with formation of the Community Plan.

A team of consultants was hired hired, led by Behan Planning Associates of Rochester, NY, to complete the Community Plan. Environmental Design and Research, PC, assisted Behan with the Community Plan, while Devonomics worked on a Business District Development Plan and SRF Associates completed a Main Street Revitalization Plan. All three elements of the project are closely related informed one another as they unfolded during the course of the planning process, culminating in a unified planning document that drew all three elements together.

The Community Plan will has a village-wide focus and looked at policies and strategies for accomplishing village goals in established topic areas (such as housing, land use, parks and recreation), building on the preliminary goals and planning issues developed as part of the Inventory and Analysis Report. The Community Plan also involved the creation of a Land Use Plan for the Village that serves to guide future land use policy, such as zoning.

The Business District Development Plan focused on establishing a vision and economic development plan for Williamsville’s Main Street Corridor based on community and stakeholder input, as well as market research and analysis.

The development of the Main Street Revitalization Plan lead the community through the consideration of Main Street transportation alternatives using context-sensitive solutions. Main Street alternatives were informed by the Business District Development Plan and the findings of traffic studies and analyses.

Questions about the Community Plan can be directed to Lynda L. Juul, Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer, at (716) 632-4120.