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Community Plan Committee

On May 9, 2005 the Village of Williamsville Board of Trustees formed the Williamsville Community Plan Committee, a citizen committee charged with the task of preparing a draft version of the Williamsville Community Plan for their consideration. New York State Village Law (§ 7-722-2(c)) provides for the appointment of a special board or committee to prepare a proposed plan for consideration by the Village Board. The committee must include at least one member of the planning board and other such members as appointed by the board of trustees.

The Williamsville Community Plan Committee (WCPC) is comprised of all members of the Village Planning and Architectural Review Board and several stakeholders who bring the perspectives of their professions, experiences, or affiliation with civic organizations to the planning process. Stakeholders have been selected to be broadly representative of various community perspectives including social services, education, neighborhood/homeowners groups, business, recreation, environment, Village history, and development. The Committee’s main roles are to provide overall policy guidance to peter j. smith & company, the plan consultant, review of technical products, and facilitate public participation activities during the preparation of the plan.

The formation of the WCPC does not preclude Village Board involvement in the planning process. All members of the Board of Trustees are invited to all Plan Committee meetings and are apprised of all activities in the formation of the proposed plan. The Committee can meet with the Village Board at certain milestones in the process and at the request of the Board. In accordance with Village Law (§ 7-722-7 and § 7-722-8) the Village Board is the final authority on the form, content and adoption of the community plan and the conduct of environmental review under the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA).

In addition to its official role in recommending a new plan, the Committee is among several methods of outreach specified in the public participation plan. It acts as a sounding board for the larger community, working with the consultants and Village staff to develop plan concepts and address issues important to citizens. Although Committee members will reflect the points of view of their respective community systems, they are also challenged to set aside "narrow" interests and think in "global" terms about their own neighborhoods, the Village as a whole, and what is best for all residents of Williamsville.

The Committee is scheduled to meet monthly and at key junctures of the process. All meetings are open to the public and will include a public comment period.

The Committee will meet at 7pm at the Village Hall in Williamsville.